Presentation Guidelines

Presentation session requires strict adherence to the time limits for the presentation. This assures that everyone has a fair chance to present their work and answer questions. It is the job of the Session Chair to keep time and maintain schedule. The following time schedule has to be observed strictly:

Speaker Introduction by Session Chair Presentation Questions and Answers
Plenary Talk 1 min 45 min 14 min
Invited Talk 1 min 60 min 14 min
Tutorial Talk 1 min 25 min 4 min
General Presentation 1 min 15 min 4 min
General Presentation

(Half Version)

1 min 7 min 2 min

Please plan your presentation accordingly.

Session room will be equipped with computer project system. All presentation must be done by connecting his/her computer to the project system. Only VGA connection can be available in the system and, hence, Mac users had better prepare VGA connectors by themselves. In order to check connectivity of your computer to the project system, please arrive at the room 30 minutes before the start of your session.

Please make sure you use a very high quality slides including large fonts, good graphics and sharp coloring. Please do not use small text or hand written material on your slides.